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Full expression of the best local cooked must, the same raw material with which the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is bottled in a different stage of aging.

  • This "Essenza" is a superior quality condiment, a reserve balsamic, preserved at least one year longer to mature than the classic balsamic condiment. The raw material is the one chosen to become that excellence which is Traditional Balsamic Vinegar; a cooked local organic grape must that after being acetified goes through several stages in continuous transformation: a living element, which to become "essence" is bottled after its first passage in one of the smallest barrels of the battery (the series of barrels with decreasing capacity in which maturation and aging takes place).
  • The advantage of this balsamic dressing is its sincere "density", that is, a liquid not as superbly concentrated as many industrial balsamic vinegars.
  • We recommend it to be used raw in order not to alter the original profile developed over the years, with fruity notes ranging from plum to tamarind: it can be used with cheeses but also in risotto (to be added to the dish at the time of service).
  • Ideal for those looking for the true sweet and sour balance. Recommended to accompany aged cheeses and embellish risotto (added absolutely raw). Surprises with spoon desserts. 100 ml

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