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Agro di Mosto is obtained from grape must, especially from Lambrusco grapes, aged in oak barrels.

  • The name "Agro" comes from the choice of the family San Giacomo to produce an intended product as "that which concerns the land", but also to indicate "sour, sour". The juice of the grape varieties San Giacomo is cooked in the traditional way and slowly fermented. Only later refined in large barrels. During this oxidation they involved hundreds of uncontrollable variables, which make it impossible to exactly predict the final result. The ability of this company is to create the best conditions so that the route can be as linear as possible. Aware that the artiginalità of a process, if conducted with passion and attention, can lead to unique results. The result is a cooked must vinegar is bottled very young, to maintain the fruity aromas and fresh acidity.
  • Serving suggestions:Agro St. James must is ideal for fresh salads, to add to sauces, to marinate meat or fish or sprinkled the last moment on grilled meat.

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Din păcate produsele noastre nu pot fi returnate, conform legislației în vigoare priving siguranța alimentară. Înainte să trimiți comanda, te rog să ții cont că produsele noastre nu sunt standard și impecabile ca aspect. Fiind produse ecologice, unele sunt mai mici, cu forme inegale și imperfecte, însă sunt sănatoase și gustoase. Dacă ai așteptările corecte, va fi o experiență plăcută pentru tine.
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